Newsletter subscribers packs status

As many of you know, I give 1 hobby pack to each new subscriber to my newsletter (us only), if you don't know then you should go signup!

I am just touching base with everyone and letting them know that they are still going out, and if you have not got your pack, please be patient. I got railroaded with this sickness (still have it) and I am moving tomorrow, so just loads of no fun!

Either way, I will be getting your packs out as soon as everything is unpacked and ready to go! Look out for new videos also.

If you would like to help, maybe link to my blog or buy some of my cards from checkoutmycards

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How I save 5% on eBay when I shop for cards with BigCrumbs

I am going to show you how I get 5% (give or take) off on all my eBay sports card purchases. YAY, Lets get started saving!

Unless you live under a rock, you should know that eBay IS a great place to shop for sports cards if you are a buyer! It's truly a buyers market, some would say that they wrecked card prices for everyone, others would say they are making it more affordable to own the cards you always wanted for your PC (personal collection). Now eBay has launched eBay Bucks, a program that will reward you for actually shopping at eBay when you make purchases. They count up all your purchases 4 times a year and give you eBay dollars that you can spend just like a regular dollar.

Now anyone that knows me, will tell you that I am always looking for a good deal! I spend WAY, and I mean WAY to much on buying up sports cards and hobby boxes to just hope to break even (but lets face it, its more about the fun of the chase anyways). So my intent is to show you how I save a little extra and then take that money that I saved and bundle it to buy some more hobby boxes to break or that sweet autograph from your pc player!

You should be already enrolled in the eBay program by default, now comes the third party: BigCrumbs to save the day! What BigCrumbs does is actually pretty simple, but I have some fancy pants graphics for you visual people. BigCrumbs created a system where they have partnerships with companies like eBay, Amazon and about every other company known to man, to where when they bring their buyers through the BigCrumbs website, they pay BigCrumbs. That's great, but now do I get my 3% and why are you making me read this much?! Now with this money, BigCrumbs tracks all your purchases done through your account and gives you the biggest share of this money from their special partnership. Normally So it works out to be 3% paid to you, BigCrumbs keeps 1% for doing all the hard work and then the person who referred you gets a small percentage of 1%. So in total eBay is paying BigCrumbs 5% to bring them hungry buyers!

This ads up over time, because you are getting the 3% from BigCrumbs and 2% from the eBay Bucks program, leaving you with (calculator check please?) 5% off your eBay purchases!!!!!!! Pretty neato, get 5 bucks back for buying a $100 box of cards (you know you spend more than $100, or if your girlfriend or wife is watching, I meant to say $10 not 100 ;) !

Why I like to use this is that over time, I get a few hundred bucks back and then I can go buy more using the same method and then with this I am able to even get cash back on my cash back money!

Now before you all run out and say how this is a "scam" or something like that (because we all know it's fun to try and prove people wrong), I have gotten paid 3 times from them! On top of that, my friends and family have also got paid. As well as several thousand other people. Now I am also going to let you know that if you sign-upĀ  under me, you will be my friend on their system (you want to be my friend right?) and I get a little kick back for letting you know about BigCrumbs (around 1% of everything you purchase), so if you find it in your heart to join with me and start getting some cash-back I would appreciate the referral! By the way, once you are signed up, you can also refer people and make a little extra sports card buying money for the future.

Join me at BigCrumbs!

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New cards at CheckOutMyCards

As many of you know, I had a bunch of cards hit COMC this last week and here are some of my favorites of the bunch:

1967 Topps #150 - Mickey Mantle - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com1993 Pinnacle DiMaggio Autographs #4 - Joe DiMaggio Opening Day - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2009-10 Rookies and Stars Signatures #39 - Kobe Bryant/25 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2009-10 Timeless Treasures Private Signings #1 - Kobe Bryant/100 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2009 Playoff National Treasures #122 - Michael Crabtree JSY AU RC (Rookie Card)/99 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2009 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Inscriptions #ISA - Mark Sanchez/20 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2009 Bowman Draft Rookie Autographs #190 - Mark Sanchez A - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com1981 Topps #216 - Joe Montana RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2008 SPx Babe Ruth American Legend #BR20 - Babe Ruth/1 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2009-10 SP Authentic Prestigious Pairings #PPZB - Nicklas Backstrom/Henrik Zetterberg/100 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2007 Sportkings Autograph Silver #AMJ - Magic Johnson - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2005 Diamond Kings HOF Heroes Materials Bronze #79 - Ted Williams Bat-Bat/25 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com2009 Topps National Chicle Autographs #NCAPH - Percy Harvin C - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com1960 Topps #350 - Mickey Mantle - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

Cards that are getting processed:

Game Used/Auto: Priority 688631 35 % 500 9/23/2010
Game Used/Auto: Priority 688633 35 % 500 9/23/2010
Game Used/Auto: Priority 688634 35 % 500 9/23/2010
Game Used/Auto: Priority 688635 35 % 300 9/23/2010
Game Used/Auto: Express 705146 10 % 100 9/20/2010

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OMG No Purchase Necessary (NPN) = free cards and it’s amazing!

No Purchase Necessary (NPN) is awesome and you should get your free cards, like yesterday!!!!

Ok so here is the deal, in order to avoid any legal issues with gambling, sports card companies like upper deck, topps, panini and just about everyone else puts this tiny little text on their packages that explain that you can get a card without any purchase!!!!

So where do we get these awesome free cards?!

The easiest company to get cards from is Upper Deck (much love, yo), they allow you to do it online HERE

Ok now that you have some free cards on the way, it's time to buy a few supplies because we need to send them to the other companies by the mail with these materials:

Now I assume you have a pen, so you won't need to shop for that!

Next up, is you need to stop by this site, they list ALL the products you can get for free. Big thanks to them for providing this list!

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2007 Upper Deck SPx Box Break

Whats up everyone?!?!! You can see more of my cards at COMC and even buy them too! I hope you guys enjoy.....

Today's mission: Have some Saturday fun!!!!!!!

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Get to know me more!

I am starting to feel more comfortable with youtube so I decided to do a video talking a little bit more about my personal life.

Please post a comment or a response video and let me know more about you!

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There be winners in them there waters!!!!

What's up fellow cardboard pirates?!

I just wanted to drop you all a line letting you know that the winners are in for the 2010 Topps Tribute packs!!! I am waiting for blowout to send me the box and then I will break it up and send it out. The winners were chosen by Random.org and will be revealed via the newsletter after I get them in my hands.

On a side note, I am sending out my packs to new subscribers in a few days, I been delayed because of moving/work stuff stuff you will be getting them! And for those of you who don't know, you can get a free hobby pack for signing up for my newsletter

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It’s a special Labor day vintage mailday

It's a special Labor day vintage mailday

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2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Baseball Cards Hobby BOX BREAK

2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Baseball Cards Hobby BOX BREAK

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2006/07 Upper Deck NBA Rookie Debut

2006/07 Upper Deck NBA Rookie Debut

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